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What we appreciated most about Ryan construction was their sense of collaboration, team work, and amazing respect for our residents. They could not have been more kind and accommodating. They kept the day to day disruptions to a minimum, kept us well informed, and again always put our residents first. The building was always kept clean, tidy, and safe, it was like having our own staff complete the work. If we had another project today, I would not hesitate to hire Ryan Construction again!

Aline RussottoAline RussottoOrchard Cove, Inc.

Ryan’s Pre-Construction services were outstanding, professional, thorough and timely. During the construction period the team was always punctual and prepared for weekly construction meetings. The level of documentation and attention to detail was exceptional. Additionally, the follow up outside the meetings was consistently addressed. To my surprise, nothing slipped through the cracks. Ryan’s Superintendents and Project Managers were professionals in every sense of the word. I give them a 10 out of 10. Their communications and keeping you informed of the job was impeccable. The Project Manager was highly responsive and punctual with his communication. This is a skillset I personally value deeply. It may have been the most impressive aspect of the engagement. I have high expectations for customer service and the Ryan team exceeded those expectations at every turn. I would recommend Ryan Construction to anyone who is focused on getting a job done on schedule, on budget and without stress.

Mark AndereggMark AndereggLittle Sprouts

I was prompted to work with Ryan Construction based on their reputation at the Faulkner Hospital. They are familiar with the restrictions when working in a patient care area, they have the ability to develop good client relationships, they maintain a good subcontractor base, and know how to manage a project effectively. I saw a phenominal leadership quality in the management. They managed subcontractors effectively. They took the initiative to address on-site conflicts; often providing options for consideration, which helped move the job forward. I have always recommended Ryan for our satellite properties!

Linda McGrath-AdamsLinda McGrath-AdamsNorwood Primary Care Project

This was the first time working with Ryan Construction, Inc and it was at the request of the client, Brigham & Women's Hospital, although I had heard of other positive experiences in the past from collegues. Ryan Construction was very easy to work with as a partner during construction. They worked to resolve any issues that came up in the field quickly and efficiently while having good suggestions to accomplish the task. The Project Manager was very responsive and the super on-site was impressive in using his experience to tackle any issues that arose. The space turned out beautiful, on-time and within budget. I would give Ryan Construction high praises for how smoothly our project went even though there were outside challenges to overcome.

Jennifer CardettinoJennifer CardettinoNorwood Primary Care Project

Ryan was great about working with us to scale the work to fit our budget. Once we settled on a plan, they executed it in a very tight timeframe, and stayed on budget! Ryan did great work, they were good at communicating areas of risk and making contact to clarify underspecified areas and I highly recommend Ryan Construction!

Jeremy Brown, PresidentJeremy Brown, PresidentJaybridge Robotics Project

We had completed a previous project with Ryan and found them to be excellent contractors. We invited them to bid on future projects and recommend them to our clients without hesitation. They are very considerate of our client's needs, professional in all aspects of their working relationships from the "in house" staff to the on-site representatives. It has been a pleasure to work with them, and our clients agree. We have recommended Ryan to our clients and look forward to recommending them again and again!!

George E. Razoyk, AIA, PresidentGeorge E. Razoyk, AIA, PresidentSaint Michael's School Project

Ryan Construction was recommended to us as a possible bidder on the Candy House project. After our due diligence, we invited Ryan Construction to participate in a selected private bid process. Ryan was the successful low bidder and awarded the contract accordingly. It would be our first working relationship with the Ryan team on a rather unique project. As this was our first project with Ryan we were very pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness, knowledge and attitude of putting the client "first". It proved to be an excellent working relationship with all parties involved. Ryan's representatives both at the management and onsite level were always ready to assist the owner, the project, and us as architects in a successful completion of the project. After completing our first project with Ryan, we have regularly recommended them to our clients. Most of our work is privately bid with selected bidders who are very qualified and represent the "select" contractors who are leaders in their field and professional in every aspect. Ninety percent of our clients are repeat or by referral, we look for continued relationships with contractors to serve our clients. Ryan Construction is one of those contractors we like to recommend!

George E. Razoyk, AIA, PresidentGeorge E. Razoyk, AIA, PresidentTrappistine Candy House Project

Prior to this project, I had not heard of Ryan Construction. We had them on the bid list due to recommendation from our CFO - which at the time, I did to appease him but did not expect to do business with them. Through the bid process I came to appreciate Ryan Construction's professionalism and when they gave us their bid it was also competitive so I decided to give them a try! Well, it turned out to be a good decision as the job was done professionally and with minor impact on the OR department. What a relief, in the end, I had to agree with the CFO that Ryan Construction is a quality contractor and I will use their services as we look at other projects.

Raymond E. J. Hutnak, Executive Director Support ServicesRaymond E. J. Hutnak, Executive Director Support ServicesFatima Hospital Project

As architect for a 52,000 square foot full service YMCA, I had the pleasure to work with Ryan Construction as our building team Construction Manager. Ryan’s no nonsense leadership provided a smooth construction process such as overlapping portions of building process allowing for expediting the construction duration and saving money at the same time. At the start of construction, it was found, due to the depth of the exterior foundation walls and the depth of the interior swimming pool, that completion of the swimming pool would be completed first avoiding a great deal of construction interference later especially undermining the adjacent foundation. I would encourage a client to hire Ryan Construction for any similar large projects.

We are delighted to have worked with Ryan Construction on our renovation/expansion and re-carpeting projects this past year. These projects were time sensitive and commenced almost simultaneously, all while our building was occupied. This was challenging and required very detailed planning, particular attention to work conduct, health and safety factors, and quality customer service day to day. Ryan was a great partner. Ryan's attention to detail and strong collaboration skills are invaluable assets to any project. Their seamless work minimized any impact on our employees, with no disruption to our business. It was important for us to conclude work as quickly as possible in order to open up much needed growth space in the building. Ryan understood this and met our project deadlines to make this happen. We were very pleased to have realized cost savings in the end as well. We want to thank Scott for his unrelenting work on our complex lighting challenges, in addition to keeping two projects on track, and our entire project team benefited greatly from having Richard's oversight through project completion. Your support made our projects a success and it was real pleasure to have worked with Ryan Construction.

The Faulkner Hospital has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Ryan Construction for many years, and over a very diverse range of projects. In the past few years a member of your team has consistently stood out as the ultimate professional and in my opinion is a true asset to your company. This team member is Ken Alcorn. Though I have not missed an opportunity to tell you in person during your visits to the hospital, I would like to take this opportunity to formally convey my thoughts and feelings to you. How Ken manages the projects is truly amazing to me, and I only wish I had his skill and talent. He always finds a way to get the job done in the most efficient way possible for both Ryan Construction as well as the Faulkner Hospital. On top of that I usually add to his workload with “last minute” requests that he always manages to accomplish, and always with a smile.

Paul Keating, Director of FacilitiesPaul Keating, Director of FacilitiesFaulkner Hospital

I write this as President of the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester to express my gratitude to Ryan Construction as the general contractor we selected to build our new state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club in the Main South area of Worcester. This building is the keystone of the Gardner-Kilby-Hammond Neighborhood Revitalization Project, undertaken by the Main South Community Development Corporation, Clark University and the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. The site was industrial brownfield. We were under a tight schedule from the time final site preparation commenced in April 2005 until the completed building was turned over to the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester in August 2006. The team from Ryan Construction worked closely with our architect and owner's representative to not only move the project along on time and within budget but to identify and expeditiously resolve all the construction related problems, large and small, which tend to arise in a project of this nature. Lines of communication were always open and clear. All members of the team knew where each stood and who was responsible for specific aspects of the project. By doing this, the team from Ryan Construction was a pleasure to work with; we will miss the camaraderie. I would gladly recommend Ryan Construction for serving as general contractor.

Erwin H. Miller, President Erwin H. Miller, President Boys & Girls Club of Worcester
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